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Elisabeth World Voice Day 2013

The Nairobi Hospital News  (issue 30, Feb – April 2013) published an article featuring an ASLTK member, Elisabeth Kruger, and her contribution towards marking World Voice Day on the 13 April 2013. Please see the article below.

Elisabeth World Voice Day 2013



5th East African Conference on Communication disability: CALL FOR SPONSORSHIP

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We are excitedly counting down to the much anticipated 5th East African Conference on Communication Disability in Mombasa!

Most people with communication or swallowing difficulties in East Africa have limited, or no, access to Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) services. The conference will bring together professionals and experts from across the region, and the world, who work with people with communication and swallowing difficulties to share knowledge and skills, build supportive relationships and present new and exciting research from across the African continent.

However, in order to make it affordable for our East African delegates sponsorship is needed to cover some of the costs of running it. We are calling on our members and any other organisation or individual to provide a donation or sponsorship to this conference.

If you are able to provide a donation or know of an organisation who could provide sponsorship please contact the conference organizers on  sltkenya2013@gmail.com or asltkenya@gmail.com

asltk-logo-large-print-no-text-final-april-201332.jpg  Asante Sana!