CPD Event! 17th November 2014

ASLTK will be hosting its 3rd CPD Event for 2014.


  • Autism, behaviour and simple strategies to use in your everyday practice:  Applied Behavioural Analysis or ABA is a popular approach for treating children with Autism.  The principles in ABA are not only simple, but can also be used in many areas of your practice everyday!  We will spend time discussing ABA, behavioural modification and therapy principles you can incorporate into your everyday practice to provide your clients a positive and motivating, although challenging, environment to grow, learn and improve their speech and language skills. Presented by Woody Rule (Speech and Language Therapist)
  • Evaluation and Intervention for children with Cleft Palate: The speech production of children with cleft palate is one of the most unique in the field of speech language therapy. This interactive session will address the basics to evaluate and provide evidence-based therapy for children with cleft palate, especially in places with limited technology. Presented by Courtney Bell (Speech and Language Therapist)
  • Interactive session on Solution Focused Practice (SFP): SFP is an approach to talking therapy which focuses on what the client wants, and their existing strengths and resources.  It was originally developed in the US in the field of family therapy, but is now being used increasingly in a range of disciplines such as social work, education, counselling, medicine, OT, education, supervision, management and of course SLT. Presented by Emma Osei-Mensah (Speech and Language Therapist)


Date: 17th November 2014

Time: 14:00 – 17:00 (ASLTK meeting to be held from 12:30 for members)

Venue: Aga Khan University Hospital

Cost: Free for ASLTK members, KSH1000= for non-members (spaces limited, please book).

Please contact asltkenya@gmail.com to reserve a place


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