What is Speech and Language Therapy?

A useful information sheet produced by ASLTK member, Risha Joshi.


Speech and Language Therapy provides support, treatment and care for children and adults who have difficulties with their communication, eating, drinking and swallowing. Speech and Language Therapy is available to patients of all ages (infants through geriatrics) to address the individual’s speech, language, cognitive or swallowing difficulties.

Who is a Speech and Language Therapist?

A Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) is a trained professional who provides this service.

A SLT assesses and treats speech, language and communication problems in people of all ages to help them communicate better.

The SLT typically assesses the patient first to determine their area(s) of difficulty, and then will advise on the appropriate therapy plan for that individual (i.e. what will be done).

Who is a Speech and Language Therapy Assistant?

A Speech and Language Therapy Assistant (SLTA) may also be involved in the patient’s care. A SLTA supports a trained and registered speech and language therapist during their treatment of someone who has difficulties with communication, or with eating, drinking or swallowing.

Some examples of the areas in which Speech and Language Therapy services are provided:
•Articulation and Phonological Delay (Sound Errors)
•Language Delays (Expressive and/or Receptive)
•Pragmatics/Social Skills
•Auditory Processing
•Cognitive/Language Deficits
•Dysarthria/Apraxia of Speech
•Difficulties due to aphasia
•Voice or Resonance •Swallowing

Finding an SLT in Kenya:

There are a number of SLTs and SLTAs who are registered with the Association of Speech and Language Therapists Kenya (ASLTK).

ASLTK was registered by the Kenyan Registrar of Societies in February 2013. Its primary objective is to represent its speech and language therapist and assistant members. It also aims to promote the profession and the rights of people with communication difficulties in Kenya.

You can find a list of the members and their location on the following website – https://asltk.wordpress.com/current-members

ASLTK Email: asltkenya@gmail.com

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