Current Members

The below is a list of Speech and Language Therapists and Speech and Language Therapist Assistants who are members of ASLTK. Please contact them directly to find out about receiving therapy.

Member No: Name Type of Member Location of Practice Area of Specialty Contact Details
ASLT002 Emma Shah Affiliated SLT – Overseas UK Adults
SLTA003 Grace. K. Mwongera SLT Assistant Nairobi Adults & Paediatrics
PSLT004 Poonam Shah Practicing SLT Nairobi *on long term leave
SLTA006 Nancy Mwangi-Karim SLT Assistant Nairobi Adults & Paediatrics
PSLT007 Rehana Pasta Practicing SLT Nanyuki
PSLT011 Grace Macharia Practicing SLT Nairobi Adults & Paediatrics
NQTSLT012 Catherine Nzau Newly Qualified SLT Nairobi Adults & Paediatrics
SLTA013 Eunice Wangui Kiarie SLT Assistant Nairobi Adults & Paediatrics
PSLT017 Nuala Alibhai Practicing SLT Mombasa
PSLT019 David Rochus Practicing SLT Western Kenya
PSLT020 Jaini Shah Practicing SLT Nairobi Paediatrics
PSLT023 Risha Joshi Practicing SLT Nairobi Paediatrics
ASLT024 Woody Rule Affiliated SLT – Overseas USA Adults & Paediatrics
SSLT029 Rotich Chepkemoi Gladys Student SLT, Moi University Eldoret
ASLT030 Rachael Gibson Affiliated SLT – Overseas UK
SSLT033 Dorothy Minage Student SLT, Moi University
SSLT035 Janet Wangui Ngugi Student SLT, Kenyatta University
SSLT036 Sianyo Obure Student SLT, Kenyatta University Kericho
PSLT037 Helen Jackson Practicing SLT Nairobi/UK Paediatrics
ASLT038 Sally Newton Affiliated SLT – Overseas UK Paediatrics
SSLT039 Maina Francis Student SLT, Moi University
PSLT040 Catie Barnes Practicing SLT Diani (Mombasa) Paediatrics
VSLT041 Sara Halada Volunteer SLT
NQTSLT042 Jinagna Shah Newly Qualified SLT Nairobi Adults & Paediatrics




9 thoughts on “Current Members

  1. Hello, am interested in pursuing a degree in speech therapy and am currently doing my diploma in special education at Kenya Institute of Special Education. My question is, is there a university offering the same because I’ve done quite some research and it seems there is none. Please reply. Thank you

  2. Thanks for the group. Am Aphasia patient and I want to in contact with any of you. Inform me on the next meeting. I want to attend. Thanks therapists.

  3. Hello,my name is Grace urgently need assistance with a speech therapist to aid my 4 year old daughter with delayed speech.
    In Machakos or Nairobi am flexible .
    Thank you and your aid will be well appreciated

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