• To promote speech and language therapy services in Kenya;
  • To safeguard the honour of the speech and language therapy profession;
  • To promote the professional interests of its members
  • To provide a centralized database of Speech and Language Therapists and Assistants working in Kenya and their qualifications and provide this information to the public on request;
  • To provide professional development opportunities to members working in Kenya
  • To raise public awareness of Speech, Language and Communication difficulties and where to access services in Kenya
  • To support training programmes e.g. therapist and assistant training programmes in Kenya on graduate, postgraduate, diploma or certificate level courses.
  • To support research into speech, language and communication difficulties in Kenya
  • To establish a set of standards for Speech and Language Therapists and Assistants working in Kenya and ensure that members meeting these standards
  • To open branches.
  • To establish and support any charitable trusts, associations or institutions formed for any of the charitable purposes including educational purposes that would fall under or support these objectives.
  • To acquire funds for the Association in the form of subscriptions, fundraising in Kenya and abroad, gifts and donations of all kinds allowable by law, borrowing including against the property of the Association, members donations, annual subscriptions or otherwise and apply and act upon the same as may be applicable specifically for the achievement of the objectives stated herein.
  • To acquire property by purchase or lease provided that no property of the Association will be dealt with, sold or disposed off unless in consonance with the objects herein.
  • The Association shall be a non political organization

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